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"The story of the hashtag began with Iranians".
Martin, Rick (July 13, 2011).
Gawker Media opens tag pages to masses, expecting "chaos".
Hashtags intended for discussion of a particular event tend to use an obscure wording to avoid being caught up with generic conversations on similar subjects, such as a cake festival using #cakefestival rather than simply #cake.
By using Twitters services you agree to our.Hashtag" with Jimmy Fallon Justin Timberlake (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.52 Sentiment analysis edit The use of hashtags also reveals what feelings or sentiment an author attaches to a statement.Retrieved August 25, 2014."I invented finger hashtagsand I regret nothing".During the April 2011 Canadian party leader debate, Jack Layton, then-leader of the New Democratic Party, referred to Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper 's crime policies as "a hashtag fail" (presumably #fail).In the case of the latter, hashtags for blog comments and directly submitted comments were used to maintain a more constant rate of user activity even when paid employees were not logged into the website.41 Other uses edit The feature has been added to other, non-short-message-oriented services, such as the user comment systems on and Gawker Media.38 The ban against certain hashtags has a consequential role in the way that particular subaltern communities are built and maintained on Instagram."Chris Messina on Twitter".Chang, Hsia-Ching; Iyer, Hemalata.By engaging viewers with a lighthearted subject and simple hashtags, Fallon can gauge topical responses from viewers during broadcasts and also use the hashtags to brand his show.

#excited #sarcasm" in which the adjectives are directly indicating the emotions of the speaker.
Retrieved July 22, 2013.
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74 75 In July 2012, Twitter adapted the hashtag style to make company ticker symbols preceded by the dollar sign clickable (as in aapl a method that Twitter dubbed the "cashtag".
On Twitter, trekstor gutschein when a hashtag becomes extremely popular, it will appear in the "Trending Topics" area of a user's homepage."Twitter Supports World Cup Fever with Hashflags".2, for example, on the photo-sharing service, instagram, the hashtag #bluesky allows users to find all the posts that have been tagged using that hashtag.Three hashtags are seen by some as the "absolute maximum and any contribution exceeding this risks "raising the ire of the community." 35 As well as frustrating other users, the misuse of hashtags can lead to account suspensions.The use of embedded capitals ( CamelCase ) increases readability and avoids confusion; a (real) pen shop would be advised to use #PenIsland rather than all lower-case.This may also be conveyed with #sarcasm, as in the previous example.56 57 The term "hashtag rap coined by Kanye West, 58 was developed in the 2010s to describe a style of rapping which, according to Rizoh of the Houston Press, uses "three main ingredients: a metaphor, a pause, and a one-word punch line, often placed.64 Hashtags have been used verbally to make a humorous point in informal conversations, 65 such as "Im hashtag confused!" 41 In August 2012, British journalist Tom Meltzer reported in The Guardian about a new hand gesture that mimicked the hashtag, sometimes called the "finger.

Usually, hashtags are left under the video itself in a special line.
19 The use of the pound sign in IRC inspired 20 Chris Messina to propose a similar system to be used on Twitter to tag topics of interest on the microblogging network.