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All additional personnel unterlagen kita gutschein hamburg assigned to assist the area yards during weather related emergencies, who are above the level of Area Supervisor, shall be entitled to receive compensation at their straight time rate of pay for all overtime services performed beyond the normal work week.
It is intended that curriculum of the summer classes offered through this program, to teachers and aides, be consistent with the curriculum standards which are currently under development or have previously been adopted by the State Board of Education.
Notwithstanding the provisions of Title 29, Section 6102 of the Delaware Code, the Division shall be allowed to collect and deposit the Medicaid reimbursement in an Appropriated Special Fund account entitled "Day Rehabilitation Services Reimbursement." Receipts in the account may be used to fund community.
Section The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (nhtsa) is conducting a two-year research program to consider alternative methods of potentially improving federal school bus passenger crash protection requirements.
These Medicaid Eligibility Specialist positions will be funded through voluntary contributions from the Medical Center of Delaware and from federal matching funds.The irmc shall be the designated forum through which the Coordinating Council for Children with Disabilities (cccd) will provide regular program updates regarding isis.A recommendation of the irmc whether and how to institutionalize its activities and functions.R) Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries (QMBs s) Qualified Working Individuals (qdwis t) Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiaries (slimbs u) Institutionalized Individuals with incomes at or below a percentage of the SSI standard as specified by the legislature (250 percent in 1997 v) Waivered individuals for home.The cost estimates will include estimates to develop infrastructure, maintenance and the number of positions needed to maintain the land and the associated personnel costs.

(v) Notwithstanding Chapters.0 and.0 of the Merit rules, any Deputy Attorney General covered under the salary plan approved for Fiscal Year 2000 and established in 72 Laws of Delaware, Chapter 94, shall receive a 3 salary increase effective July 1, 2000.
No reclassification/regrading, change in paygrade comparability of a filled or vacant exempt position, or change of a Merit System position to an exempt position otherwise permitted under Delaware Law shall become effective unless approved by the State Budget Director, State Personnel Director and the Controller.
Section Section 1 of this Act appropriates 501.9 to the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control to annualize the competency based pay project.
Sentac shall submit a final report to the Office of the Controller General and the Budget Office by January 17, 2002.Section 250 euro rewe gutschein Section 1 of this Act makes an appropriation to Public Education, School District Operations, Other Items (95-02-02) for Guaranteed Unit Count.(b) Section 1 of this Act provides an appropriation to the Division of Mental Retardation, Community Services (35-11-20) for the Stockley Transition Plan.If this bill or similar legislation is not enacted the appropriation shall revert to the General Fund.(d) Status reports supplied by the Budget Office and approved by the Office of Information Services and the Controller General, sufficiently descriptive in nature of each project, shall be completed by each department/agency and provided quarterly to the Budget Director, the Director of the Office.(b) Local School Districts that applied for a district delikatessen geschenke level grant pursuant to Section 807(b Chapter 8, Title 14, Delaware Code, by April?1,?2001, shall receive a district level grant from prior year funds.Section For energy backcharge purposes, the Department of Administrative Services (host department) Fiscal?Section In addition to the positions authorized in Section 1 of this Act for the Division of State Police (45-06-00 additional positions are authorized in Patrol (45-06-03) for the purpose of training State Police recruits.